We may have read on some forum and other review sites that our Internet was not properly setup or too weak…this had been true in the past, we now have excellent routers, 3 more than before, on every floor. So Internet is fluid and accessible everywhere at high speed. Nonetheless, if you need your own personal internet connection, we can provide you with a SIM card from Smart or CELLCARD with great packages for amount of $5 or 10 per month, with unlimited surfing…


Fast, free and unlimited Internet access, through Wifi, from the restaurant on the ground floor to the rooftop rooms.

Every morning, we receive the two local english language papers: The Cambodia Daily and the Phnom Penh Post available with your breakfast. We can also have special orders of any newspapers (order 48 hours in advance).

Airport service

Villa Boran in Phnom Penh offers a airport transfers. This service is NOT included in your room rate and should be scheduled ahead of time. We can arrange air-conditioned taxi cab (for up to 4 guests) or Minivans (for more than 4 persons). So if you need an airport pickup, do email us ahead of time with your reservation number and your flight details.

We can arrange the same from the Port or any bus station.

We tend to not recommend using Tuk Tuk for this journey, as traffic is heavy, and exhaust fumes are quite discomforting. Howver Tuk Tuks are a great way to travel within the city itself.

Personalized Assistance

We are at your service to help you in organizing your stay and travels within Cambodia :

  • transport to another city
  • hotel reservation
  • restaurant reservation
  • visa renewal and extension


The hotel can manage your laundry through a third party cleaning company. The normal turnaround is 48 hours, however, for an extra charge, they provide express service in less than 4 hours.

There is a laundry bag in every room, fill in the form and inform the front desk that you require laundry service. This service is NOT included in the room rates and is charged per kilograms.

Mobile phone

If you are in need of a local phone number, the receptionist can help you get a “tourist local number” for the time of your stay. He/she will require a copy of your passport and a down payment. The number is operational immediately on a prepaid basis. You can ask us to refill your credit at anytime. Credit comes in different price range, from $2 to $50 cards. Unused credit will not be reimbursed, neither by hotel, not the telecom company, so choose wisely.